God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.

Have you used one to say “Thank You” ?

– William Arthur Ward


List up to 3 people who you cherish and who had a positive impact on your life then choose one of them and write your thank you letter expressing all the gratitude you have for him or her.

Make sure to share the letter whether in person, by mail or by leaving it somewhere visible (fridge, office’s desk, etc.).

Most of the time people don’t know they have had an impact on someone else’s life and they usually feel deeply touched by such an authentic expression of gratitude.

Letters are more powerful than words because as a person we know it takes more time to write something than to say it and time is something we all treasure and only devote to the people we care about. Letters are also precious as they can be kept and re-read later on.

Spread the LOVE !