The struggle ends when the gratitude begins

– Neale Donald Walsch

If you feel hopeless, sad, down and you don’t really know how to overcome this then this is the right moment to start practicing GRATITUDE. Gratitude can clearly change your life for the BEST.

The way it works is that you have to focus on positive things in your life and feel grateful for them. You will soon realize that the more you feel grateful, the more you have to feel GRATEFUL FOR  !

It has been scientifically proved that practicing gratitude can have positive effects on your relationships, on your health, on your financial situation and on your mood. That’s why if you really want more happiness, energy, enthusiasm and joy in your life then gratitude is really a practice you should consider adding into your daily routine.


How does this work ?

Basically the more you spend time to appreciate the things you have, the more it allows you to connect with your soul. When we recognize all the blessings that we have we basically move our ego out of the way and allow our deep thoughts, feelings to express themselves. When you feel grateful for something or someone you focus your attention on TODAY and today is the only place where things can HAPPEN TO YOU ! I would like to be more precised here as you should start shifting the way you think from things happen TO YOU to things happen FOR YOU !

You might be thinking that you don’t have a lot of things to be grateful for, right ?

You’re wrong. Why focusing on the negative ?

Feel grateful that despite the bad things happening to you, you still have a roof above your head, you still can drink water when you’re thirsty, etc. Be thankful for the difficult times you had to go through because it gave you a chance to grow and be thankful for your mistakes because they taught you valuable lessons. Anything surrounding you IS a blessing you just need to be CONSCIOUS of it: your phone allows you to call and keep in touch with your loved ones, you car allow you to drive your children to school or to go grocery shopping to buy those ingredients you need to cook a great meal tonight, etc. And it’s not only things that you need to cherish but also yourself: your mind, your brain, your body, even your limbs are something to be grateful for !



Look at Nick Vujicic, he wrote a book called “no arm no legs no worries”. He was born with no limb but is NOW living his life FULLY. He is probably much more happier than most of the people in this world !

He is clearly living a dream, who could have thought this would have happened the day of his birth ? The truth is nobody ! People tend to focus on the negative: he won’t be able to do this and that, he won’t be able to get married and have children… But guess what ? Despite what people thought he is able to practice surf and other crazy sports, he is able to stand and walk baby steps, he is married to a beautiful woman and has a baby…

What I like the most about him is his attitude. What people call a disability he refers to it as a GIFT ! If you haven’t read his book then please do, it is very inspiring and you will learn how to APPRECIATE the things that you have in your life ! By the way if you’re living in Singapore he is holding a two day event in July 2016 ! Of course I will be attending and I will make sure to share all the details with you 🙂

So now tell me, why not starting to choose to focus and give attention to what you are grateful for rather than what’s wrong in your life ? It’s YOUR CHOICE really and if you choose wisely it could have a great IMPACT in your life.

When you decide to express a SINCERE feeling of gratitude, your ENERGY and your VIBRATION resonate and project a frequency attracting to you events, things and circumstances that you deeply desire.


You are a magnet, whether you feel happiness, love, anger, fear, sadness, joy or gratitude you basically project a magnetic force which attracts to you people, events and situations. Anger generates a magnetic force which can attract more of what you can be angry at.

Feeling Gratitude day by day will project a magnetic force that will draw to you more of what you are expressing gratitude for.