Developing your intuition is similar to learning any skill. The more you practice it, the better you get at it ! Try to a new routine to awaken your inner voice and build your intuitive muscles.

1- Find a Peaceful Place.

A place that you like, where you feel good, secure and where you can let your emotions flow freely. It can be your favorite park, nearby a river, in your car or even at home.

Quiet, Peaceful, Dream
The greatest self is a peaceful smile, that always sees the world smiling back – Bryant H. McGill

2- Quiet your mind. Take time to experience silence.

Our work keep our schedules full, we focus on our to-do lists, we discuss with colleagues, we listen to music while commuting, etc. All this “noise” makes it difficult for us to hear our inner voice. It is important to take time to practice silence and calm your mind. You need to let go your thoughts. You need to focus on your breathing, listen to your surroundings and allow your mind and body to relax. When you listen to your intuition it connects you with a greater knowledge. It usually communicates through symbols, feelings and emotions.

3- Let your subconscious work while you sleep.

It is a good practice before you go to bed every night to ask for answers to come to you through your dreams, for questions and issues you had during the day for which you couldn’t find solutions. Giving it a quick thought will put your subconscious to work and will trigger your imagination to find solutions while you’re asleep. Keep a journal nearby so you can write down notes, ideas and feelings when you wake up.

4 – Write down everything on a journal.

Writing your thoughts, feelings and ideas will help the subconscious mind opening up.

This is a great way to release inner messages, feelings or hidden knowledge related to a specific situation requiring your attention. Just write everything that comes to your mind down and then let it go, when you will decide to take time to go over it again later you might be surprised of what you will find and understand from it.

  1. Get creative and engage in repetitive movements

By stimulating your body and your creativity it calms down the cognitive mind and allows your intuition to speak up. Engage in activities such as painting, drawing, writing or go for a run, dance, practice cooking, etc.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body – Martha Graham

6 –  Trust your intuition.

It is scary at first because it defies any logic but make sure to remember that intuition is your inner guide and is here for you, you need to learn to trust it. It might lead you to the right place at the right time to meet the love of your life, to make a new best friend, to get that dream job opportunity or on the contrary it could avoid you getting into troubles, like being stuck in traffic jam, getting involved in a street fight, etc. If something doesn’t feel right chances are it isn’t !

7 – Test your feelings.

Intuition speak through your body, if you feel physically uncomfortable when trying to make a decision then try to analyze the situation. Are you feeling sick when thinking about it ? are you feeling better or worst ? Try to give it a thought, it could be your intuition trying to speak for yourself.

8- Test your sensing into people before getting to know them

Take it as a game and try to find out as much info as possible just by observing them and their surroundings. The more you will experience this the more you will realize you already know things you couldn’t possibly know with the cognitive mind.