Intuition is knowing without knowing. It’s purely instinctive: you know something but you have no idea how you know !

Have you ever wanted to do something that people around you would describe as non sense but you knew somehow it was the right thing to do ?

Or on the contrary haven’t you already felt something you had to do wasn’t right ?               Feeling weak or ill, sensing a knotting in your stomach when thinking about it…

Intuition is our inner voice, that something special that tell us how we feel deep inside. Thanks to intuition we have the ability to know something without any analytic reasoning.

Intuition can show itself when you meet new people –

You can feel negative when around someone, without really understanding why.                     You almost instantly know if you like this new person or if you don’t but you’re not               sure why and where it really comes from (you don’t know him/her, he/she has never             done anything to you or for you, etc.)

Think about times when you have had a bizarre feeling when around a person but you decided to keep going and then with time you realized that it was a mistake to have          trusted this person. Your intuition told you but you were not ready for this information           so you ignored it.


Intuition is a phenomenon of the mind
Intuition is a phenomenon of the mind


Sometimes you even have weird feelings about things or situations – 

You’re not excited anymore about the road trip you’ve been planning for months with your friends and you start doubting that it is a good idea whereas you’ve put so much efforts into planning. You then get stressed and nervous and wonder why you have this feeling and why this is happening. 

Listening to your guts feelings could be a life saver ! How many stories haven’t we heard about people not boarding on planes which crashed ? or drivers deliberately slowing down on the  highway for no apparent reason miraculously avoiding a fatal car accident ?

If something does or doesn’t feel right, it probably is or isn’t, our intuition rarely lies !